“UNDRESSED” is a project started in 2010 with ” Naturae Res”, solo exhibition staged at the Museum Castel Nuovo in Naples. I represented the nature taking care of details, portraying shots of landscapes that almost always escape to the casual observer and hasty.

Arose the need to exclude any foreign element to the landscape, he could look away from light, color and tone from those that do perceive the reflections the sky even without the latter being represented in the work. I realized it was not so important “what” but “how” to paint the subject.

I was fascinated by the sight of an ancient olive tree with its pages of life written on branches or a field of wheat with its delicate perfume. Enchanted watched the sun beating on the bottom of the sea, creating lines of diamonds in perpetual motion.

This was a collection of thirty paintings of “Res Naturae.” Today in 2012 at the Vittoriano in Rome, I extended my glance at the three cities that have fascinated me for several reasons. New York, Rome and Naples. The first, distant but fascinating, dragged me in a busy world and everything new that I have tried to depict in all its beauty.

The second, the eternal city, rich of history, energy, where one day is never like another, sacred and profane calls echo through the air and sounds like sweet melodies. And finally, Naples, my hometown, intriguing, torn, ripped and sewn, made of honey and salt, nurse of occult powers, great as to arouse the interest of kings and emperors, generous mother of artists of every genre, but stingy with his own children.

That’s how ‘”Undressed” borns a collection of 18 works, which contains the story of three large cities with their beauty architectural very different from each other, able to create atmospheres such as to make you feel all the energy accumulated over the centuries.

Each work tells a place (sometimes without horizon) unusual, almost hidden from passers-by, but maybe able to induce reflection, the total absence of human or mechanical objects, “stripped” of all things, therefore, to have the illusion to leave everything as it is, to stop the time and wait …

Antonio Sannino